Michigan’s Municipal Election Primary Results

Back in June, Grassroots Midwest took a look at several municipalities that were gearing up for mayoral and city council races on the August primary ballot. With the primary now behind us, let’s [...]

Organized Interest Groups

“the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”, United State Constitution, Amendment 1   When most Americans read those words in [...]

Michigan’s Municipal Election Highlights

Several large communities throughout the state will go to the polls again this August and September to pick municipal leaders. Many of these local elected officials become members of the [...]

The Tragedy of Larry Inman

Scandals happen in politics. For those of us who work in the political environment, an expectation develops that every so often something untoward will come to light. Federal indictments, on the [...]

Changing the Game: How No-Reason Absentee Voting Could Reshape the Political Landscape

In 2018, Michigan voters overwhelmingly approved Proposal 3, allowing absentee voting without any restrictions. As a result, any registered voter can join the permanent Absentee Voter list, which [...]

Redistricting 2020?

In a surprise move last month, a three-judge panel for the Court of Appeals unanimously ordered Michigan to draw new legislative district maps by August 1st. Considering the state is already [...]

The Future of Polling

The world has changed in terms of how we communicate with one another. Twenty years ago, nearly everyone owned a landline. As cell phones became more affordable and texting became more popular, [...]

Michigan 2020: The Road to Re-election for President Donald Trump?

As we approach 2020, the hottest topic is President Trump’s reelection odds in Michigan.  While most polling has him down in Michigan and nationally, one can’t take polling as gospel, as that was [...]

Government by Default

I hear it all the time, and you probably do too: ‘I want to make a difference, but I don’t know where to start.’ It’s a common refrain, and mostly the answers people get are unsatisfying. [...]

Fix the Damn Roads?

Governor Whitmer Goes Big True to her word the Governor is attempting to fix the damn roads with a rather bold approach: a 45 cent increase in Michigan’s gas tax, to be phased in over one year. [...]