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Grassroots Midwest has a track record of success for more diverse clients than any other similar firm. We have delivered wins for business and organized labor, Democrats and Republicans, environmental organizations and energy companies. No firm can match our breadth of expertise.

We are experienced campaign consultants.

At Grassroots Midwest, we have only one focus: victory for our clients. A successful campaign, be it for an office or an issue, requires proper planning, energetic grassroots field organizing, fund-raising prowess, aggressive media operations, Capitol and local advocacy, and engaged stakeholders, all organized around a data driven, disciplined message.

We are messaging professionals.

At Grassroots Midwest, we work collaboratively with our clients to determine their specific goals and bring all these essential components to bear based on our diverse skill sets and energetic approach. Our executives are messaging and media professionals, coalition builders, advocated, and organizers with extensive experience and unrivaled work ethic.

Our Team

A group of diverse,
experienced winners.

CEO & Chairman

Adrian Hemond

Chief Operating Officer

Sabrina Bachwich

Director of Outreach

Seth Burroughs

Director of Finance

Angie Rippy

Director of Legislative Affairs

Tim Holland

Data Analyst

Claire Benson

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