The Bipartisan Approach

We talk about it all the time.

With each passing month, partisanship swells in waves, dividing lawmakers and their public policy recommendations along thin, hard lines. To many, our two-party gap is the natural order. Sometimes even before a case is laid out or the full story is told, the first consideration seems to be where each party will fall. All the while, lawmakers on both sides lament the disagreement.

Whether you’re a legislator or an observer, popular opinion holds that the divide has gotten wider in recent history, and there’s evidence to suggest that our perception is accurate. What’s more, the idea of the partisan gap is, itself, a contributing factor to the expanse between us. You don’t need The More You Know PSAs to remind you that it’s our perceived–and not actual–differences which are often the greatest things preventing peaceful cooperation and agreement..

To be clear, there are philosophical distinctions between our country’s two major parties. While not every person on each side adheres to the full catalogue of beliefs, there are good reasons why a person takes on a donkey or elephant as their mascot. Our allegiances are important. But isn’t the ultimate goal to find solutions and mutual success?

Effective public servants already know the answer. Indeed, it follows that some of our greatest political successes occur when those legislators attempt to cross the aisle so many see as a canyon.

When we founded Grassroots Midwest, Michigan’s only bipartisan advocacy firm, our intent was to look beyond political boundaries, not just as a basis for a needed service but also as the start of a more productive dialogue between our region’s many stakeholders.

We made the commitment to respecting all sets of beliefs as we forge relationships and create networks. To bring success to our clients, our consultants utilize the perspective, connections, methods and experience of both Republicans and Democrats. After all, nobody has a monopoly on good ideas or effective tactics. Beyond individual candidates and their aspirations, we also serve business leaders, trade associations and non-profits who want to cross gaps in, between and outside the parties.

Our approach is working. As more candidates and causes reach out to us, we also expand our staff to include experts and specialists from the Right and the Left. To date, our clients are already reaping the benefits of our bipartisan approach. In the coming months, we will begin to share some of our clients’ stories, as well as those who have joined our firm.

Regardless of your party or place on the political spectrum, challenge is inevitable. Maybe you are looking for greater support for your cause or candidacy. Perhaps you need some perspective on how to motivate your peers toward social action.

We can guide you across the chasm. It all starts with an open mind and an earnest handshake. Whatever your politics and whomever you wish to reach, Grassroots Midwest is here to help.

About the author: Steve Heikkinen serves as the Communications and Marketing Strategist for Grassroots Midwest, Michigan’s only bipartisan political advocacy firm.