Making the Ask

There’s no way around it; campaigns cost money, and the bigger the campaign, the bigger the bill. Candidates need to raise money to pay for any number of things that may help their chances on election day.

We live in a world of Kickstarters and GoFundMe pages that make fundraising seem easier than it actually is. One of the worst mistakes a political campaign can make is expecting that every dollar will flow freely, that you don’t need to invest time and energy to succeed. The reality is, most people won’t donate a dime unless they feel they need to.

The hard truth is, asking for money is an incredibly uncomfortable prospect for most people. Money is one of your campaign resources that is limited, and some campaigns struggle to market the return on investment, while others struggle to identify the people or organizations that would be willing to help them.

Going in blind can be the scariest part of all. It’s critical that campaigns have the tools, support and direction they need to make the ask. Friends and staff can help to measure the necessary costs of a campaign, craft a message worth funding, facilitate connections to potential donors, and coach candidates in the art of making the ask.

Remember: a campaign is about your cause, goals and values, but it still runs on dollars. At Grassroots Midwest, we’re in your corner, helping you make sure your targets are on track, and that your resources are being spent efficiently and effectively.