Thank You – From the Partners

We wanted to say thank you.

During the holiday season, we often take the time to sit back and reflect on all that has been made possible by the goodness and faith of others. When we sit back and think about how far we’ve come as a company, we’re amazed by how many hands have had a part in our success. We wouldn’t be here without the clients, interns, current and former staff and supportive families that have helped Grassroots Midwest grow and thrive.

In an incredibly polarized political environment, we had the dream of creating a consulting firm that would put the best techniques, strategies and ideas from both sides to work for our clients. We started Grassroots Midwest to make that dream a reality.  Four years later, we’ve become the go-to firm for successful grassroots advocacy and campaign results. From business leaders to political candidates and non-profits, and everything in between, we’ve helped connect the dots and make things happen in Michigan and beyond.

And we’ve made some awesome things happen.

From a business that we ran from our cars and out of coffee shops, we’ve grown into a full-service, integrated consulting firm providing essential services to our clients and helping them engage at every level of government.

We believe in doing real things and that starts by working together and putting aside our differences to achieve winning outcomes.  

So we’d like to say thank you to our clients for trusting us with your success.

Thank you to our team that goes above and beyond to secure winning results.

Thank you to our candidates and elected officials, who do their best to do right by their communities.

And thank you to #LoveLansing for including us and supporting us. We’re here for good and we’re here for greatness.

We wish you all a wonderful season and a very prosperous new year,

Adrian +  Dan