Four Years

It all started with some simple ideas:

Gather the top political minds from both parties under one roof. Build an organization that can talk effectively to any group or individual. Leverage practical data and the best techniques from across the political spectrum to use for candidates, corporations, labor unions, trade associations and non-profits.

The concept was simple. The execution has been anything but that.

Starting a new business — much less Michigan’s first and only bipartisan campaigns and advocacy firm — meant saying a farewell to prior security and certainty. It meant forging our own path inside an environment where a new approach can be heavily scrutinized or outright rejected. It meant challenging the strength of long-standing connections, business relationships, and close friendships which had grown over years or decades. More often than not, it meant hearing “good luck” in the same breath as “it can’t be done.”

Four years later, here we are. What’s made it all possible?

Taking risks. The first one, to begin this venture at all, set us against the grain of a risk-averse industry. We didn’t stop there. We’d take the tough races. We would challenge political tradition to get results. Very early on, we learned to love risk and let it lead us to new, more effective methods and tactics..

Hiring great people. No matter the size, successful businesses are those that have a strong and discerning nose for talent. We knew from the beginning we needed expertise, experience, personality, and passion. From the first interview, we’ve looked not just to fill a role in our firm, but to invest in professionals who would make a lasting impact on our clients and in their own careers. When they succeed, we succeed. We have real love and faith in our people, current and former, and will continue to focus on growing the family.

Working long hours. Drive isn’t a force that moves a person to get things done before close of business, but one that hits them in the morning and keeps them working after the lights are off. In the midst of demanding campaigns, we had the will to forge on through late nights that never seemed to end. We’ve maintained the same drive and kept those same hours to this day, knowing that everything depends on one thing and one thing only:

The will to win for our clients. What more is there to say?

Building a business takes a lot, but we’re incredibly proud of the firm, of the great clients we’ve worked with along the way, of the wins we’ve been able to achieve, and the bright future that lies before us.

Thank you to everyone who has made Grassroots Midwest possible. We’re here to stay and with you all the way.

About the author: Adrian Hemond is CEO and Co-Founder of Grassroots Midwest, Michigan’s only bipartisan advocacy firm.