Grassroots Midwest brings a wealth of experience with running grassroots field operations for legislative and local races, ballot initiatives, and issue awareness campaigns.

In addition to the knowledge, experience, and work ethic of our principals, we have access to high quality field organizers from diverse political and geographic backgrounds.

Grassroots Midwest has reach in every part of the state our clients want to influence, and can assemble and execute a winning strategy to advance their interests and move decision makers to their side.

Our strategic and energetic approach delivers winning outcomes for our clients.


At Grassroots Midwest, we have only one focus: victory for our clients. A successful campaign, be it for an office or an issue, requires proper planning, energetic grassroots field organizing, fund-raising prowess, aggressive media operations, Capitol and local advocacy, and engaged stakeholders, all organized around a data driven, disciplined message.


At Grassroots Midwest we work collaboratively with our clients to determine their specific goals and bring all these essential components to bear based on our diverse skill sets and energetic approach. Our executives are messaging and media professionals, coalition builders, advocates, and organizers with extensive experience and unrivaled work ethic.


A sustained, coordinated, and disciplined approach to public affairs and grassroots organizing is a prerequisite for long-term success.

Grassroots Midwest works with our clients to achieve short-term goals, but also to help position them to be successful over the long term. We develop plans based not just on what our clients aim to achieve in the near term, but also on their long-term goals.


An organization is only as strong as its members. Our executives can enhance participation in grassroots political efforts, and other types of engagement.

Grassroots Midwest grows organizations by determining how to talk to the members of the organization, and leveraging the desires and needs of the members into active participation. Activating people to engage in public affairs is an essential component of what we do.


In order to maximize the impact of political participation, corporations, labor organizations, and associations need to take a comprehensive, long-term approach. We have the skills and expertise to implement a political development and targeting strategy based on maximizing our clients’ effectiveness at all levels of government that they wish to influence.