Episode 17 – State Representative Sarah Anthony

Our guest this week is State Representative Sarah Anthony. Sarah represents House District 68, which includes the City of Lansing and Lansing Township. Prior to her election to the House, she served Lansing residents as a member of the Ingham County Commission, including a term as the Chair, as well as previously serving as staff to popular former Representative Joan Bauer, also of Lansing.

Episode 16 – Paul Long and Tom Hickson

On this week’s episode of TicketSplitters, we speak with Paul Long, President and CEO of the Michigan Catholic Conference, and Tom Hickson, Vice President of Public Policy.

Episode 15 – Noah Smith

Our guest this week is Noah Smith, Partner at Capitol Services, a multi-client lobbying firm in Lansing Michigan. Noah is a former legislative staffer, a former Area Executive Director for the American Cancer Society, and a former U.S. Marine. Fun fact: he was also captain of Adrian’s swim team in high school, and drum major of their high school band!

Episode 14 – Patricia Spitzley

On this week’s episode of TicketSplitters, we welcome Patricia Spitzley for a conversation about local government, entrepreneurship, redevelopment, leadership, and more.

Episode 13 – Steve Japinga

Our guest this week is Steve Japinga, Vice President of Government Relations for the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce. In his role with the Lansing Regional Chamber, Steve oversees public policy, political engagement, and elected official outreach on behalf of Chamber members and the greater Lansing business community, helping give a voice to the businesses that are helping build the region.

Episode 12 – Joe Haveman

On this weeks episode of TicketSplitters, we chat with our friend Joe Haveman, who is a former member of the MI House of Representatives, and now serves as Director of Government Relations at the Hope Network – a Michigan based nonprofit helping those with disabilities live their best lives.

Episode 11 – Susan Demas and Joe Disano

In this week’s episode of TicketSplitters, we’re joined by Lansing power couple, Susan Demas and Joe Disano for an insightful (and hilarious) conversation about journalism, campaign stories, political memes, and hiding client misdeeds when your spouse is a reporter.

Episode 10 – Reid Felsing

On this episode, we’ll be chatting with Reid Felsing, attorney of The Law Office of Reid Felsing, about 501C3s, 501C4s, 527s, and how nonprofits help shape politics here in Michigan.

Episode 9 – WWE superstar Rhyno

On this episode of TicketSplitters, our own Brian Began and WWE superstar (and former Republican candidate) Rhyno take us on a wild ride through the history of professional wrestling, Rhyno’s careers in wrestling and public service, and so much more.

Episode 8 – Craig Mauger

In this week’s episode of Ticketsplitters, Adrian sits down with Craig Mauger, the Executive Director of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network to discuss reporting on money in politics and the importance of transparency in Michigan’s governmental affairs.

Episode 7 – Chris Martin

In this week’s episode of Ticketsplitters, Chris Martin, assistant Ingham County prosecutor and newly-elected member of the East Lansing school board talks with Seth Burroughs about his unlikely path from Dallas, TX to Ingham County by way of Capitol Hill, law school in Virginia, and teaching in the New York public school system.

Episode 6 – Brian Town

In this episode of TicketSplitters, Seth Burroughs interviews Brian Town, CEO of Michigan Creative, about running a small business in Lansing.

Episode 5 – Brian Began and Dan McMaster

In this episode of TicketSplitters, Brian Began, our Director of Elections and Research, interviews our Co-Founder Dan McMaster about his time as an elected official, and how it compares to playing “Kingmaker”

Episode 4 – Jeff Irwin

In this week’s episode of TicketSplitters, we talk with newly elected State Senator Jeff Irwin about growing up in a political household, bipartisanship, supporting small business growth, and more.

Episode 3 – Jared Rodriguez

In this week’s episode of TicketSplitters, we’ll be talking to Jared Rodriguez, CEO of Calder Group, about entrepreneurship in politics.

Episode 2 – Adrian Hemond and Seth Burroughs

On our second episode of TicketSplitters, Sabrina interviews Adrian Hemond, our CEO, and Seth Burroughs, our Outreach Coordinator, about how they got involved in politics. They discuss their time in different fields in the industry, offer advice to newcomers, and reflect on “West Wing Disease”

Episode 1 – Wendy Day

The Inaugural edition of TicketSplitters welcomes Wendy Day, former school board member, State Representative candidate, and Michigan Republican Party vice chair for a discussion about politics, bipartisanship, and being a “Jerk for Jefferson.”