Director of Finance

Angie Rippy

Angie has perhaps the most important role at any company: she keeps everyone paid! She has over 20 years experience taking care of other people’s money, and she makes sure our vendors, staff and partners get paid on time. Since joining Grassroots MIdwest in 2017, Angie has revolutionized financial operations at the company, implementing new financial tracking procedures and cost control measures, and in-sourcing payroll operations. She also assists Sabrina with operations and corporate governance.

In an office full of nerds, Angie is the undisputed queen. In her free time she can be found nerding out over video games and Dungeons & Dragons, and binge watching terrible (but fun!) television shows.


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CEO & Chairman

Adrian Hemond

Chief Operating Officer

Sabrina Bachwich

Director of Outreach

Seth Burroughs