Making the Ask

There’s no way around it; campaigns cost money, and the bigger the campaign, the bigger the bill. Candidates need to raise money to pay for any number of things that may help their chances on [...]

‘Musings’: Lessons in Leadership

Leadership is an ongoing topic of discussion in professional circles. It’s little wonder that we work to categorically define them; leaders are important in nearly every consequential decision or [...]

Trending: Campaign Social Media at a Glance

It envelopes our families, our friends, our news, and our lives in general. So it’s hard to imagine that less than 20 years ago, ‘social media’ would’ve been a foreign term to the vast majority [...]

On Target

Campaigning is difficult; not only because of the necessary hours dedicated to executing the fundamentals, but because the biggest hills to climb are ultimately within the minds of the decision [...]

New to the Ballot, Part 2: All Kinds of Kinds

We’ve talked about the importance of personal or political participation, as well as the ways to get involved and the basic concerns of running for political office. Ask yourself: Are you [...]