Episode 5 – Brian Began and Dan McMaster

In this episode of TicketSplitters, Brian Began, our Director of Elections and Research, interviews our Co-Founder Dan McMaster about his time as an elected official, and how it compares to playing “Kingmaker”

Episode 4 – Jeff Irwin

In this week’s episode of TicketSplitters, we talk with newly elected State Senator Jeff Irwin about growing up in a political household, bipartisanship, supporting small business growth, and more.

Episode 3 – Jared Rodriguez

In this week’s episode of TicketSplitters, we’ll be talking to Jared Rodriguez, CEO of Calder Group, about entrepreneurship in politics.

Episode 2 – Adrian Hemond and Seth Burroughs

On our second episode of TicketSplitters, Sabrina interviews Adrian Hemond, our CEO, and Seth Burroughs, our Outreach Coordinator, about how they got involved in politics. They discuss their time in different fields in the industry, offer advice to newcomers, and reflect on “West Wing Disease”

Episode 1 – Wendy Day

The Inaugural edition of TicketSplitters welcomes Wendy Day, former school board member, State Representative candidate, and Michigan Republican Party vice chair for a discussion about politics, bipartisanship, and being a “Jerk for Jefferson.”