Looking Back on 2018, Part 3: What It Means for 2020

Since the Senate is not up until 2022, future speculation about that map and the overall political geography isn’t as important. In 2020 there are only 23 open seats, and only four are [...]

Looking Back on 2018, Part 2: Turnout Amongst the Counties

Following up on my analysis from Part 1 of our 2018 lookback, we’re going to look at turnout statistics for the 2018 general elections by county, compared to prior turnout numbers, to give you a [...]

Looking Back on 2018, Part 1: The Realignment

Now that the smoke has cleared from the last election, we’ve all had time to process what happened, think about what could’ve been different, and start prognosticating what to expect in 2020. The [...]

A Message from our CEO

2018 was a great year for Grassroots Midwest, and a year of extraordinary changes in Michigan politics and government. 2019 promises to be even more exciting, with key local elections, new [...]

Your 2018 Election Headquarters

Welcome to Election Night 2018!   7:45 – As voting wraps up across the state, turnout is trending high across the board. Here’s why that matters: Higher turnout benefits Democrats [...]

Decisions, Decisions: Part 2

-Continued from Part 1 In last week’s blog, we highlighted how a public servant’s decisions happen in context, starting with how those decisions affect their constituents as well as their [...]

Decisions, Decisions: Part 1

You’ve likely heard elected officials referenced with a number of alternative terms: public servants, lawmakers, officeholders, and so on. For most, though, the descriptive value of these words [...]

A Matter of Time

“Lost time is never found again.” -Benjamin Franklin It waits for no one. As an ever-dwindling and ultimately finite resource, time plays a critical factor in every campaign. Some considerations [...]

Keeping Score

Love them or not, sports are an attention-consuming part of our culture. You likely have a friend — or might be that friend — who is constantly asking to change the channel to check [...]

Our Grand Tradition

This week, U.S. citizens from coast to coast celebrated the 241st anniversary of our nation’s birth. As with other national holidays, we heed the call to put aside our differences and focus on [...]